Green DIY Energy Review

Green DIY Energy makes the same claims that all the other products do about saving $10,000′s by building your own solar panels. Rather than spending $1000 or more on a solar panel you buy the compenents to make your own for less than $100 each. I know this no hype as I’ve done it myself. But what I’m interested in is how well does Green DIY Energy show me how to do it. Click Here to Make the Cheapest DIY Solar Panels Having built solar panels before I’ve got the benefit of experience that helps me to assess whether these guides are any good or not. Some most definitely aren’t. What seperates one product from another is how clear and easy to follow the instructions are. A solar panels is a solar panel whatever manual you read, but how good is the manual at showing you how to build it? I have to say that my first impressions of Green DIY Energy were great as the manual and videos are fantastically presented. So far so good, Green DIY Energy seems to be genuine competition to Earth4Energy. One thing I’ve noticed about Green DIY Energy is that author seems to have kept the costs lower by using cheaper materials and seems to be determined to help you complete you solar power project with this smallest budget as possible. The author claims that the panels can be built for less than $100 but some people have been able to obtain the materials for less than $50. The Green DIY Energy manual is one of the best that I’ve read because it explains things so clearly and is very informative. One area in which other products lack is they do a great job of showing you how to build the panesls but not such a good job on how to mount and install them. Green DIY Energy covers this aspect better than any other product that I’ve come across. The package inlcudes a guide that allows you to calculate how much you will saved based on your energy consumption. You can use this to determine how many panels you need to make. You may even produce surpluse electricity which you can sell to your electricity company if you build enough panels. The accompanying video instruction is great too and really serves to complement the information in the manual by everything so much clearer. The videos are beautifully shot. There is one thing in partilcular that I came across writing this Green DIY Energy review which makes this product seem so much more genuine and that is the online support forum. You can actually communiocate with other people who are using the product as well the product creators themselves. I used to have no hesitation in recommending Earth4Energy to people but Green DIY Energy is so good there is very little to keep them apart. Either one of these is a great product and will teach you exactly what you need to know.
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