Green DIY Energy Review

Green DIY Energy makes the same claims that all the other products do about saving $10,000′s by building your own solar panels. Rather than spending $1000 or more on a solar panel you buy the compenents to make your own…

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Homemade Energy Review

Homemade Energy is another guide on how to make your own solar panels. There are quite a number of these guides available online and it’s starting to look like many of them are cashing in on the success of similar…

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How to Make a Solar Panel Step by Step

The cost of buying solar panels is too expensive for most people. However if you know how to make a solar panel step by step then you can make your own solar panels remarkably cheaply. There are several guides available…

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DIY Solar Panels for Home Use

Many people are finding that they have to pay closer attention to their spending habits due to the current state of the global economy. One of the things that has been impacted greatly is the cost of utility bills as…

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DIY Solar Water Heating Panels

You don’t have to solar power your entire electrify supply for your home. You can build your own DIY solar water heating panels just to provide your home with cheap hot water. A solar water heating system is made up…

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DIY Solar Kits

DIY solar kits are a cheap solution to buying expensive commercial solar panels and having them installed. Solar power is attractive for many reasons such as the feeling of being self sufficient and environmentally friendly. However when people realise that…

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