Used Solar Panels

Many people would consider having solar power panels installed if it was not for the cost. It can take 10 years or longer to recoup the cost of investment of a solar power system. One way to overcome the cost obstacle is to buy used solar panels. Anybody who is looking for used solar panels is likely to be on a budget and might also be interested to know that it is possible to build your own solar panels for less than $200 each. Solar power can make huge savings with reduced electricity bills but if the costs of the solar panels are so high then it simply won’t be worth the money and effort. Used solar panels can cut the cost of solar panels to the point where they become a realistic option. You need to be careful when buying used solar panels. Although solar panels have very little that can go wrong with them due to having no moving parts, they are constantly exposed to the elements and will need inspecting carefully. Be very careful that the panels aren’t scratched or cracked. Also make sure that no condensation has got inside and that the connections are all secure and not corroded. The age of the solar panels are also important as they only have a limited life of around 30 years. As solar panel technology has advanced the amount of wattage per panel has increased. It is quite likely when looking for used solar panels that what you find will take up a lot more space than you anticipated. As a result you will need a lot more of them to generate sufficient power. All of these disadvantages and potential problems need to be taken into account when considering the purchase of used solar panels. The goal of switching to solar power is usually an economic one and used solar panels can put this within the budget of people who would not otherwise consider solar energy. Making your own solar panels is an even cheaper option than used solar panels and you will be building them from new materials to a modern design.
How to Build a Solar Panel from Scratch
Make Your Own Solar Panel

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