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In a world of dwindling energy resources we all need to do our bit to help the environment and begin to the make the switch to renewable energy sources. This Earth4Energy review will tell you about an instructional product that will show you how to cheaply power your home with solar electricity. Forget what you have read about solar power being too expensive, whoever told you that didn’t know that you can make your own solar panels for less than $200 with easily obtainable components. That is what Earth4Energy will teach you to do. Earth4Energy is a step by step “How To” guide that contains fully illustrated instructions for how to build your own solar power system for your home. You can start off small and just create one or two solar panels and power one or two appliances, or you can be more ambitious and power you entire home with solar panels. Click Here To Find Out How To Make Your Own Solar Panels for Less than $200! There are many resources available on the internet that will show you how to build your own solar panels. But none of them are as well structured and easy to follow as Earth4Energy. The manual comes fully illustrated and is accompanied by videos. This explains everything so simply that anybody regardless of their DIY experience can follow along. No special carpentry or electrical skills are required. Of course if you are a DIY enthusiast then this is a project that you will absolutely love. Earth4Energy gets my recommendation due to its simplicity and the complete lack of technical jargon. Making your own DIY solar panels is the cheapest way to solar power you home, and Earth4Energy does the best job I have seen of showing you how to do it. The manual will show you all of the items that you will need to buy and where to get them from. The most expensive components are the solar panels themselves. You will be taught how to obtain these as cheaply as possible. Solar panels are constructed from solar cells. You can obtain these cheaply by buying them used or damaged and then repairing them. The rest of the supplies can all be found at your local hardware store. You won’t need any special tools but there are a couple of tasks that require machinery to cut flexi-glass and wood. But your hardware store will be able to cut these for you if you provide them with the measurements you require. Once you have sourced the required components it will be time to follow the DIY instructions in the Earth4Energy guide. Every step is illustrated with actual pictures of the tasks being performed and backed up with videos where necessary to make it even clearer. All the information that is required can be found in the manual. Earth4Energy goes further than just showing you how to solar power your home. It will show you how to build a wind turbine for around $200. Wind turbines aren’t feasible in every home as you need to be in a location with sufficient wind. But they can provide an additional boost to a solar power system and enable you to generate an even greater percentage of your own electricity. As a bonus you will receive a book on how to convert a diesel engine to run bio diesel fuel. It will also show you what ingredients you need to create your own bio diesel and how to obtain them for free. Earth4Energy will save you lots of money by teaching your the cheapest way to generate your own electrify. It is the most complete package available on how to generate your own solar power. I highly recommend Earth4Energy as it is a small investment that will return many times what you pay for it. Commercial solar panels are prohibitively expensive. Earth4Energy can make your dream of a solar powered home easily affordable.
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