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Home solar power systems are way out of the financial reach of most people. Or at least the commercially available solar panels and installation costs are. Regardless of the current costs they are sure to come down eventually as alternative forms of energy are rapidly becoming a necessity. But don’t let the high cost of commercially available home solar power systems deter you as there is far cheaper option of making your own solar panels. There is a limitless source of solar energy constantly being absorbed by the planet and that can be used to power much of our energy needs. Generating power using dirty fossil fuels is an outdated technology that has only lasted as long as it has due to the huge profits to be made from the sale of fossil fuels. Home solar power systems contrary to what many people believe do not have to be installed in hot sunny climates to be worthwhile. They can be built anywhere. In cold cloudy places they are still of great value as they store the energy when it’s not needed using batteries. They obviously won’t produce as much surplus energy as they would in an area of almost year round sunshine. Solar home owners in some countries can sell their surplus electricity to the utility company by feeding it directly into the grid. It is important that home solar power systems are installed correctly so that solar panels receive the maximum amount of direct sunlight. Solar panels must be placed at the best possible angle in order to capture the most solar energy possible. Solar panels that have been configured to receive the maximum amount of sunlight are known as concentrated solar collectors. Non concentrated solar collectors on the other hand are those that are positioned anywhere and may not receive as much solar energy. They may not even receive direct sunlight and may instead capture solar energy that is reflected off of other surfaces. The cost of home solar powers systems are becoming cheaper in relation to the power supplied by the utility companies. As the cost of electricity increases due to the rapid rise in fossil fuels it is becoming an increasingly attractive option to become self sufficient and use solar power to produce your own. It’s likely that you haven’t even considered that your utility company might even purchase your surplus power. If so you can now take that into account when considering the cost of solar installation. In some countries or states the government will provide tax breaks to home owners who decide to invest in home solar power systems. So if you are living in an area where you can sell your surplus electricity as well as get tax breaks then you really should consider the benefits of a solar powered home. The costs become even cheaper still if you decide to make your own solar panels. This is actually very easy to do.
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