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All the information you need to build your own solar panels is readily available from the resources recommended on this website such as Earth4Energy. But what happens once you have made the solar panels? What is the next step? The next step is to build a solar power generator. This will allow you to use the electricity in your home immediately or to store it for later use. It will even allow you to feed your surplus energy into the power grid so that your utility company actually pays you for it. The most basic type of solar power generator are transportable solar power generators. These are the smallest and cheapest to build. They only need a handful of components in addition to the solar panels themselves. You will need a battery, an inverter and a charge controller. Remember that you can build your solar power generator at your own pace by starting off small with one or two solar panels and adding more later on to provide even more power. These transportable generators will generate DC current which requires an AC inverter to make the power generated usable in the home. The batteries are required to store energy until you are ready to use it. You need to make sure that the batteries that you use are deep cycle batteries. If you plan to produce surplus energy to your requirements in order to make money by supplying the national grid then you will need a more sophisticated solar power generator. You will need an On-Grid solar power generator. The main difference is that batteries aren’t used to store surplus electricity as it is fed directly into the national grid instead. If you decide to implement an on-grid solar power generator then you may still want to add batteries to the system to ensure that you have enough power for your needs during the night and during overcast weather. If you are planning on living off the grid then you will need a bank of batteries to ensure that your needs are met.
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