Solar Power Advantages and Disadvantages

In a world of dwindling resources and spiralling energy costs many people are looking into alternative forms of power and ways to become self sufficient. Solar power advantages and disadvantages need to be investigated if you are considering solar power for your home.

Solar Power Advantages

Solar power will never run out or become more expensive due to dwindling supply. Contrary to what many people believe solar power does not require bright sunshine all day to provide sufficient power. Solar panels work effectively as long as there is daylight and can be used in regions that often receive a lot of cloud cover. The only problem is that more solar panels may be required compared to a solar powered home in a warmer climate. Solar powered homes can help make you and your family self sufficient in energy and not dependent on utility companies for your needs. Many countries have power grids that are struggling to keep up with demands and there have been many highly publicized power blackouts in recent years. Many homes are able to produce more electricity than they actually need. In many countries the power companies will buy surplus electricity from solar home owners and feed it back into the grid. As well as the economic solar power advantages there are the environment benefits as well. Most electricity is produced by burning dirty fossil fuels which contribute to pollution and environmental damage. By using solar power you are helping the environment. As solar power becomes more affordable more and more will people will make the switch and this will have a hugely beneficial environmental impact. Solar panels have no moving parts so there is no wear and tear other than the elements that they are exposed to. There is very little that can go wrong with them and they will last a very long time. The cost of solar panels is a disadvantage but that’s only for the expensive commercially produced solar panels. If you consider making your own they can cost less than $200 each!

Solar Power Disadvantages

The cost of commercial solar panels is very high. So high in fact that it will take many years to recoup the cost of investment. However it is fairly easy to make you own solar panels. See Earth4Energy to find out more. Solar panels can work effectively in all parts of the world but in cloudier climates you will need more solar panels and you may not be totally self sufficient. Solar panels are very heavy and bulky and require a strong roof in order to be fitted securely. Roof modifications and planning permission may be required. Solar panels only generate power during the day, but that disadvantage is offset by the storage batteries that ensure electricity is available at night.
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