How to Live Off the Grid

Living off the grid in these times of economic hardship and coming power shortages will help minimize their effects upon your lifestyle. How to live to off the grid is a question a lot of people probably ask themselves but very few will seek an answer to or put into practice. As the cost of energy surges and supplies dwindle you can become almost self sufficient in your energy needs by creating your own solar energy system for your home. Forget about paying $30,000 or some large amount of money to buy readymade solar panels and to have them installed. You can make your own solar panels for $100-$200 each and even a wind turbine for about the same amount of money. As well as substantially decreasing your energy bills, living off the grid limits the negative impact that you have on the environment. As energy demand increases extra strain is being placed on the power grid. There have many well publicized instances of complete blackouts as the system hasn’t been able to meet the demand. This is trend that is set to worsen in years to come. If you decide to live off the grid you will benefit from some great advantages:
  • Reduced dependency on fossil fuels and public utilities. Your electricity bill will be almost immune to rising fuel prices.
  • Independence as you are control of your own energy production and don’t have to rely on corporate and governments for your needs.
  • No more power cuts!
  • Nobody is going to cut you off or send nasty letters if you forget or can’t afford to pay you electricity bill!
  • You can leave the lights on whenever you like without being a drain on natural resources or wasting money.
  • Almost immediate return on your investment if using a DIY solar power solution such as Earth4Energy.
  • You will be doing your bit to help create a greener healthier world and a better place for future generations to live in.
Most people won’t even consider living off the grid as they are likely to feel that the costs involved will be prohibitive. But that’s only because relatively few people realize how easy and cheap it is to make their own solar power system. You don’t need much in the way of raw materials and they can all be purchased at your local hardware store. The main investment will be the amount of time it takes to build your own solar power system. It will take the average person about two days to make a single solar panel, of which you will need several to provide enough electricity.
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