How to Build a Solar Panel at Home

Financially times are hard for many families and the rising cost of electricity has hurt many households in particular. However if you know how to build a solar panel at home you could for a small price to pay provide much of your home electricty needs. Commercially built solar panels can cost a fortune to buy and have installed. However you can build your own solar panels for less than $200 each. Thanks to the creators of Earth4Energy there is now an easy to follow blueprint that will show you exactly how to build a solar panel at home and install them. Just think of the savings you could make if you didn’t have to rely on the grid for your electricity needs. Obviously the sun does not shine 24 hours a day and therefore any solar power system will require deep cell storage batteries. These are also easy and cheap to get hold of along with all of the other components that will be required. The batteries ensure that surplus electricitry is store for use at night and during overcast weather. You can expect to make savings of as much as 80% or more. It really depends on how many solar panels you decide to build. The Earth4Energy manual is the perfect guide showing you how to build a solar panel at home. You won’t need any special electrical skills or even have to be an experience DIY enthusiast. The guide is very easy to follow and includes very clear and detail instructions that are also backed up with the video instructions to make things even clearer for you. Everything you need to build the solar panels can be purchased locally at hardware stores. As well as the previously mentioned storage batteries you will need to pipe, glass, copper wire and plywood. A single solar panel will generate about 100 Watts and you will therefore need to make several in order generate enough power. As well as saving you money having a solar powered home also increases the value of your home as well. So it can also turn out to be a great investment should you decide to sell your home. The cost is so cheap that the only real investment on your part is the time that you put into the project. Solar panels can be used in any geographic location but how many solar panels you require will depend on how much sunshine there is. Homes in cooler cloudier climates will need more solar panels than those in hot sunnier areas. If there is any shortfall in the amount of energy you generate you can also consider building a wind turbine. As well as teaching you how to build a solar panel at home, Earth4Energy also shows you how to build a windmill for about $200. This can be a great back up device for periods of prolonged cloud cover or shorter winter days.
How to Build a Solar Panel from Scratch
Make Your Own Solar Panel

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