Installing Solar Panels

Installing solar panels requires a lot of care however as they are very heavy and you will have to get them up onto your roof in order to install them. This can be dangerous if you aren’t careful and you may need to get assistance from people who are more confident and experienced to help you out. Installing solar panels on roof tops is at least a 2 man job so please make sure you don’t try it alone. You need to first make sure any debris such as fallen branches have all been cleared away from the rooftop. If there are trees nearby where any of the branches are likely to overhang the roof it would be a good idea to trim back the branches. Bear in mind that in the autumn overhanging trees will shed their leaves and could end up covering the solar panels. Every so often you will have to get up on your roof top to clean them as they will end up grimy and covered with bird droppings. You should be aware that in some countries planning permission is required before installing solar panels as the roof needs to be able to support them. Before beginning the installation you need to be aware of where to position the solar panels in order to catch the most sunlight. Mounting racks need to be fixed to the roof in order for the solar panels to be safely installed. You can safe a great deal of money by installing solar panels yourself. It is possible to but everything you need as a kit. A solar power kit will contain everything you need and this will include the panels themselves and their mounting racks as well as inverters, batteries, cables etc. You can cut your costs even further by making your own solar panels and sourcing your own parts and materials from your local hardware store. The Earth4Energy guide will teach you how to make you own solar panels for less than $200 each. You will read a lot of information on the internet about how expensive solar power is and how long it takes to recoup the investment. If you make and install everything yourself the costs are a lot lower you won’t have to wait long to see a return on your investment.
How to Build a Solar Panel from Scratch
Make Your Own Solar Panel

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