Renewable Home Energy

With the economy the state that it currently is and the world moving into an energy crisis any investment into a source of renewable home energy would be money wisely spent. Renewable energy sources are those that will not run out as they are powered by the never ending energy from the sun (solar), the wind or from water (hydro). Solar Energy: The energy from the sun can be captured by solar panels and converted into electricity. Many people are converting their homes to use renewable home energy solar power systems by creating their own solar panels which can be made very cheaply. Most solar power system don’t generate enough electricity to power all the appliances in the home but are still able to provided up to 80% or your electricity needs. Electricity is stored during the day in batteries so that energy is available at night. Solar power can be used to power solar cookers, solar heating and solar lighting. Solar energy solutions can be very expensive if you were to buy them and get them installed. However many people are making their own for a tiny fraction of the cost. If you build your own solar panels you will know exactly how to fix them in the unlikely event that they go wrong. You don’t have to wait very long for a return on your investment when you make your own solar energy system. Hydro Energy: Hydro power for the home is fairly rare as unlike the sun and the wind you can’t get it from anywhere as you have to be near a source of running water. A hydro power system will harness energy from running water by powering a turbine to generate electricity. How much electricity can be generated depends on the height from which the water is falling and speed at which it is flowing. Wind energy: Wind energy can be used to power a wind turbine in order to generate electricity. They can be used as a backup source of energy in a home that already has a solar energy solution installed. The Earth4Energy guide will show you how to build your own wind turbine for about $150. The chances are that hydro energy is not a viable solution for your renewable home energy plans as you need to be near a source of running water. Solar power is probably going to be the best solution. It has its limitations such as during prolonged periods of cloud cover. But the addition of a wind turbine can help compensate for this. The Earth4Energy guide will show you how to build your own solar panels and wind turbines to provide up to 80% or more of your homes electricity needs. It is an easy to follow guide that anybody can follow regardless of their skills. A series of instructional videos guide you through the more complicated parts to ensure that you are fully clear on what you need to do.
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